Review – High Gravity Wells

High Gravity Wells (get it?) is a game that basically nobody will buy, which means that it’s a game that basically nobody will realise the aceness of. You should download it, then you can make all your friends download it and tell them how you liked it before it was cool.

You should also download it because of the aforementioned aceness.

It’s a puzzle game. It’s an action game. Aczzle. Puction. I dunno. It’s both. Deal with it.

You have to direct your little ship to a space station, but you don’t have anything in the way of thrusters. It’s like the anti-Hypership Out of Control, you have nothing but brakes. What you do have, though, are gravity wells. Up to four are present on each level and you can operate them with the various face buttons at your disposal.

When you activate one, your ship will be attracted towards it and if you keep it turned on, your ship will orbit it. You can then turn it off and your ship will be thrown off in whatever direction it currently has momentum in. Or, you could just turn the wells on in turn to manoeuvre the ship around between them without actually going anywhere near them.

You’ll need to use various different methods to get your ship to where it needs to go, avoiding the many hazards that litter the way. Black holes that have a gravity field of their very own and will irreversibly pull you in. White holes that repel you at speed. Asteroids that, well, it’s pretty obvious what happens when you come into contact with an asteroid.

The whole game is wrapped in the incredibly simple concept, then, and it’s impressive how much variety there is in the levels despite that. That’s where the puzzling comes in. Getting to where you need to go is all action, but working out a sequence of buttons that gets you there can often be difficult – which isn’t to say that then performing said sequence is easy. If you want replayability, how’s this: each set of eight levels scores you on how many times you die while completing it. The last set isn’t particularly easy to bring in under triple figures; reckon you can do it?

High Gravity Wells has “ignored” written all over it. It’s just one of those games that, no matter how good it is, people just won’t try it. Especially with the amazing luck that sees the game released on the same day Microsoft put half it’s XBLA catalogue on sale. Don’t be part of the problem, you won’t regret giving it a go.

High Gravity Wells is available now for 80 Microsoft Points.


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