Hypership Out of Control – Now on iOS!

This might be the only piece of iPhone/iPad news this blog ever carries, so you should be very excited by it. Unless you don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, in which case you’ll need to go to the shop and buy one.

Why? Because Hypership Out of Control, one of the best Xbox LIVE Indie Games there is, has just been released on iOS. It’s more awesome than ever!

You fly through space with a jammed accelerator and knackered brakes, in what is some kind of cross between Zone mode in WipEout and an endless runner. You’ll crash. You’ll die. But how long can you last before it happens? How high can you score? And how many Game Center achievements can you get before it happens?

There are four different modes, ten completely redesigned waves from the XBLIG version, awesome music, and controls which are basically perfect.

Get it here for a dollar or 69p or whatever that translates to in your region.


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