Indie Games Summer Uprising – Week 2

The Indie Games Summer Uprising has all but come to an end, and the second week brought with it something of a recovery from the first.

Take Arms (240 Microsoft Points) started the week, for a couple of hours. Some issues with the multiplayer caused the game to be pulled, however. If too many people tried to play at once, the game failed to cope. It has since made a return to the marketplace and so is now available and working as God intended. Or how the developer intended, anyway.

SpeedRunner HD (240 Microsoft Points) was next, a 2D platformer with a focus on, er, speed running. It’s a lot of fun, even though the platforming isn’t quite as smooth as one might hope. Things like wall-jumping are harder than it needs to be, and there’s a lot of focus on smooth landings and stuff because if you mess up, you’ll drop speed. You’ll still have enough speed to reach the end of the level in time but who cares about that when you’ve got fast times to set?

Train Frontier Express (240 Microsoft Points) is thousands of pounds worth of model railroad for the price of a model railroad magazine. There’s no worrying about passengers or income or whether you’re running on time, you just have a sandbox in which to build whatever you want. There’s a huge variety of props and customisation options alongside your track, and then you can dip into the online to see what others have been creating too. It turns out that other people are impressive.

Chester (240 Microsoft Points) was next, a 2D platformer with a number of different graphical styles that the player can switch between at will. The platforming is solid, but there’s just something about the experience that feels slightly hollow. Read our review for more details.

Redd: The Lost Temple failed peer review first time round, and so missed its release this week. It has since passed and should hit the marketplace some time tomorrow. Look out for our review soon afterwards.


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