More Clothes to Remove as Moe Mekuri 2 Releases

萌めくり2 (Moe Mekuri 2) has just been released, and it looks like more of the same.

It’s probably not a particularly fashionable view, but I did really enjoy the original game. You have to look past the loli stuff somewhat, and then look even further past it when they start taking their clothes off, but there’s a really fun puzzle game beneath it.

In the original your goal was to flip all the tiles over to the same way, but every time you flip one all the surrounding tiles flip too, so it all has to be done in a certain order. The sequel shoots a ball that flips over every tile it touches, and it’s your job to direct and split it using special tiles so that everything is flipped in one shot.

The presentation and music is really good, too. There’s blue sky everywhere, chunky fonts, great music and it’s all just very bright and sunny and cheerful.

萌めくり2 is available now for 240 Microsoft Points.


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