Project Temporality Promises Portal, Braid, and Crack

In amongst the Dream.Build.Play semi-finalists was a game with avatars called Project Temporality.

A new trailer has been uploaded to that there YouTube, and we have some more information on just what seems to be going on here.

Defrost Games
are describing the game as “Portal meets Braid on crack, with avatars.” From the trailer, it’s hard to argue, although the Portal reference seems to apply more in mood than gameplay. The game actually seems to share the most in common with games like Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke on PSP, Echoshift on PSN, and with an online Flash game called Cursor*10 which was all the rage a few years back, as well as Braid.

You’ll be able to mess with time in the following ways:

-solve problems by creating copies of yourself
-Rewind and forward time
-Benefit from your actions in several parallel timelines
-Warp time around you to complete tricks impossible to mortal man

A few of these are shown in the trailer. Imagine a puzzle in which you have to press two switches at once. You’re able to create “statues” of yourself to stand on switches, so could just leave one on each switch. You could also run to the switch and press it, then rewind the game and activate a parallel timeline. This would make your initial run to the switch play out again and you could go and press a second switch in your present timeline.

I don’t know why you’d want to do any of that, though, who wants to mess with time?

As Number 87, you have been chosen to explore the limits and possibilities of the TP-205 brain-stem implant. It grants you the ability to manipulate time in all manners of ways.

Oh, that’s why. And it’s not like you could change your mind, anyway.

You are all among the top performers of the entire human race in your respective fields, and we should expect your qualifications to include flexibility, bravery and loyalty. The secrecy of this mission has provided security for us all, and now that it has been lifted, you should be proud to serve a cause not only more vital and more honorable than the one you signed up for, but also more so than anything anyone has done before. So hang in there, troopers! It’s not like you can do anything else out here anyway.

Project Temporality didn’t win Dream.Build.Play, but we’re really looking forward to giving it a go anyway.


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