Dream.Build.Play Winners Announced!

The winners of this year’s Dream.Build.Play challenge have been announced, and it’s a huge congratulations to SwingSwingSubmarine on taking the top prize for Blocks that Matter!

They win $40,000 for the honour, which should go some way to making up for the disappointing sales of their excellent, excellent game on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Blocks that Matter is a 2D platformer with a focus on puzzles and on being in love with games. Read our review here to see just why it’s so great, and why it’s so deserving of the top prize.

The top four is rounded out with Solar 2, TIC: Part 1, and the also phenomenal Sequence and it’s congratulations to those guys too. Hopefully this will go some distance to helping Sequence get the release on Steam it so richly deserves.

You can see our review of TIC Part 1 here, and our review of Sequence here.

All four games are currently available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games which means there’s unlikely to be an Xbox LIVE Arcade contract waiting for the winners, but it also means you can play them all right now so why not do that?


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