Indie Games Summer Uprising – Week 1

The first week of the Indie Games Summer Uprising is over, and, well, it promised so much.

Raventhorne (240 Microsoft Points) started the promotion a day early last Sunday, and was just terrible. It’s a 2D platformer of sorts featuring a character that seems to suffer so badly from asthma that he can’t string three hits with a sword together, and enemies of which even the weakest take about twenty hits to kill. You can see how that wouldn’t add up and it’s incredible that it made it through any kind of playtest, let alone that it was considered one of the best eight games in the IGSU line-up. Milkstone have promised to address these issues in an update to the game which is going through peer review now, and we’ll see if they manage to coax a decent game out of the foundations they had.

Battle High: San Bruno (80 Microsoft Points) is a competent fighter in the vein of Street Fighter, but it always was: the game has been out for some time and there was no thrill of the new, here.

Cute Things Dying Violently (80 Microsoft Points) was next, and it was promising. Unfortunately the early promise fades when the levels require more precision and the game simply isn’t set up to allow it. It doesn’t let you learn from your mistakes and means you’re doomed to repeat them until you get a lucky break. See our review here.

T.E.C. 3001 (240 Microsoft Points) wins the first week by quite some margin. It’s a third person auto-running platformer, in which you have to move left and right, jumping, sliding and charging your way to the end of each course and collecting enough batteries along the way. It’s fast, it’s frantic, and even when it’s difficult it’s never unfair because it always gives you the opportunity to know where you’ve gone wrong and adjust the next time round.

Doom and Destiny (240 Microsoft Points) rounds up the week, and is curious. It’s a 16-bit-esque RPG which should make it excellent, but the game was made in RPGMaker and it really feels like it. The worst thing is the script, though, which is absolutely the most important part of any RPG. It’s full of typos, grammatical errors and in lieu of any humour, there’s just a number of out of place swear words. Swearing would work in a game, but you have to have earn the right and Doom and Destiny doesn’t, it just swears because it doesn’t know how to create impact with its writing in any other way.

Here’s what you have to look forward to next week, and it can only get better from here.

29th – Take Arms (240 Microsoft Points)
30th – SpeedRunner HD (240 Microsoft Points)
31st – Train Frontier Express (240 Microsoft Points)
1st – Chester (240 Microsoft Points)

Redd: The Lost Temple was originally due out on the second, but will now be released some time later.


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