New Content for Epic Dungeon, But Wait…

If you’re seeing Cursed Loot on the Marketplace and thinking “hmm, this looks familiar,” that’s because it is.

The game is an update of Epic Dungeon, but due to changes in how Eyehook Games are running their company, they’ve had to re-release the game. Unfortunately, this means that the new updates to the game aren’t available to anyone that bought the game as Epic Dungeon, and if you want to play as the new Goblin class and use the new skills, you’ll have to buy the game again as Cursed Loot.

Here’s what Eyehook had to say on their blog:

I’ve finally gotten around to creating a proper company, Eyehook Games LLC (I’m just going to call it Eyehook Games from now on…).  And, in the coming weeks I will be transferring everything over to the company.  I have tried (repeatedly) to make this happen seemlessly, but unfortunately it won’t.  So, what does this mean?

Most importantly, Eyehook Games will have to republish the ultimate dungeon crawling experience under a new name (the new working title is “Cursed Loot”).  Because of this, existing owners will no longer receive updates–however, your copy will continue to work.

Cursed Loot is only 80 Microsoft Points, and even if you find yourself with both versions, 160 Microsoft Points is still incredibly cheap for what you’re getting.


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