Andromium is Out Now, Which Means You Can Buy It. Now.

Red Crest Studios, who have previously blessed us with the funny RPG Bonded Realities have made a huge genre shift for their next game, a shoot ’em up with a broccoli. A difference, I mean. A shmup with a difference.

The difference is that Andromium is two shmups in one.

The idea is to pass the Andromium between the two ships before it explodes, while avoiding hazards along the way. Normally you just control the ship on the left and the right side of the screen is AI, but the real difficulty (and the real fun) lies in the mode where you control both ships yourself using the different analogue sticks.

It’s hard in a great way and scratches an itch that FlipSide caused in me.

Andromium is out now for 80 Microsoft Points.


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