The Indie Games Summer Uprising Needs YOU

If I had any artistic talent, a copy of Photoshop, or the actual desire to do it, I’d have a picture of a soldiery kind of man here, pointing his finger towards the screen.

I don’t, so you’ll have to imagine it. I know, look at this banner instead:

Eight of the ten games that make up the Uprising are confirmed, but there are still two slots to fill. Was there a game like City Tuesday that you were gutted wasn’t in the final eight? Maybe City Tuesday or something?

Well, now you have a chance to put that right! Well, kind of. City Tuesday is no longer part of the promotion, but look for more on that here in the future. You can still put it slightly right, though! The final two slots are going to be filled via public vote, and you can do that here.

It’s a Facebook link, sorry, so you will have to agree a deal with the devil for your soul before voting, but do go and do it anyway, your opinion counts!

(As long as your opinion is the same as the opinion of the majority.)


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