Firebase Unveil Orbitron: Revolution, World Goes “Whoa”

Firebase Industries have shown off the trailer for their new Xbox LIVE Indie Game (and Dream.Build.Play entry) Orbitron: Revolution.

The game is a side scrolling shooter that takes place on a giant ring (a halo?) and allows the player to travel left as well as right. Also, it looks amazing and “holy s**t” was uttered more than once during the trailer’s duration.

The game comes complete with a couple of modes, detailed on its website.

First, is Countdown which is a wave based score attack mode that has the player racing against the clock to score as many points as they are able within a three minute time limit. Players build up points by shooting enemy droids as quickly as they can to increase their multiplier. Players need to use action strategy and choose when to release their power abilities as well as target certain enemies for maximum enemy destruction.

Second is Guardian.  Here, the player must protect the four Sector Ports around the Orbitron ring from laser drilling attack droids. Each Sector Port has a numeric health associated with it and when three of the four Sector Ports are destroyed the Orbitron Ring explodes.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t out right now, but is due some time in 2011.


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