Battle for Venga Islands – a Twin-Stick with a Twist?

Currently winging its way through peer review is Battle for Venga Islands, which as a twin-stick shooter normally wouldn’t be of any interest at all. Even if you’re a big Ibiza fan.

Adam Spragg, the developer behind the game, tells us:

In the game, you play a mage that is battling for either the Red or Blue team (that is, some players will be assigned to the Red team, and some to the Blue, randomly).  You look over your map of the world, and determine which region you’d like to capture for your team.  In order to capture that region, you have to play a twin-stick shooter type game to fight off all the monsters that inhabit it.  Doing so successfully will claim the region for your monarch, and mark it on the map.

Where it gets interesting is that it uses code that’s normally used for peer-sharing high scores, and shares this world instead. So Xbox LIVE Gold members will have their world maps updated with the actions of other players who are playing at the same time for a constantly updating war.

Hopefully the twin-stick part lives up to the potential of the world sharing, because there’s a lot of potential behind the idea.


3 Responses to Battle for Venga Islands – a Twin-Stick with a Twist?

  1. Matt Martin says:

    I really like the concept of this game. I definately think it’s got some serious potential for a sequal. I’ve got some ideas I’d be more than willing to share with him if I could get a hold of him.

    • Matt Martin says:

      By him I mean Adam Spragg

      • Adam Spragg says:

        You rang? 🙂

        You can email me at I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        I’m really excited at how the world-sharing part of this game turned out. It was really fun to watch people play online in real time, and see the world get updated.

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