Are You Destined for Sex or Love?

Well, are you? Sex or Love is the new game that can tell you!

It asks you a series of questions like “would you cheat on your girlfriend?” and then manages to establish whether you’re more into sex or love. Amazing. How does it do it?

Here at Achievement Locked we’re all about saving you money, and to save you buying the game we can confirm that, if you are interested in buying the game, you won’t ever get either.

If you’d like to find out which one you’d prefer if there was ever a chance of you getting it, though, you know, hypothetically, then simply follow this easy series of steps!

1) Are you more into sex, or love?
2) Add three to your answer
3) Subtract four
4) Add one
5) There you have it, the answer you arrive it will confirm whether you’d rather have sex, or love! How did we do it? Black magic, son.

Sex or Love is available now for 80 Microsoft Points, but you don’t really need it any more. You never did.


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