Xbox LIVE Indie Games Can Now Set Release Dates

From nowhere at all, Microsoft has announced that Xbox LIVE Indie Game developers are to get the chance to set release dates for their games.

Previously, a game hit the marketplace after 48 hours in peer review or after it passed review, whichever came later. This meant that once you put a game into review, it could come out in two days or twenty. If it fails, it could take months.

This made it difficult to create hype and generate publicity because you simply couldn’t tell people when your game would be out.

Now, developers will be able to tick a box that holds the game after it passes peer review, enabling them to release it whenever they like.

In a statement, Microsoft said:

We’re excited to announce a new feature on App Hub that we have added to the peer review system for Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Based on developer community feedback, we have enabled developers to control the release of their games that have passed peer review. This feature will help developers to better coordinate social networking, press, and other opportunities for the release of their titles on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

It’s not leaderboards, but it’s  a start.


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