UpBot Goes Up, Goes on Youtube

UpBot Goes Up is the latest game from Ishisoft, who have previously brought us the excellent Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp, the excellent Johnny Platform Saves Christmas!, and the excellent Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage: Extra Edition.

I’m hopeful that UpBot Goes Up will be, well, excellent. I’ve got a thing for Sokoban-type affairs, and it certainly looks excellent from today’s trailer.

The dev also released some information about the game, much of which is fairly apparent from the trailer but here’s what to expect.

All bots of the same colour must move at the same time, and only in the direction they’re facing. Move the bots, use them to push each other, travel through portals, and reach the launch pads!

– 60 levels split between three difficulties.
– Infinite undos, so no worries about spoiling a puzzle with a stupid mistake.
– Colour-blindness mode (seen briefly in this video).
– One-button mode.

UpBot Goes Up is currently in development, and I shall post in a flurry of excitement and childlike wonder when it’s out and we can play it.


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