Red Crest Studios announce Andromium

Red Crest Studios, the dev behind Bonded Realities, have unveiled their next game, Andromium.

Andromium is the element from Andromeda. It’s the most spontaneously combustible material known to mankind, and yet you and a friend have been tasked with delivering it to a research lab. Brilliant. Since Andromium explodes when it touches anything for a short period, the solution your pointy-haired bosses devised was to shoot the Andromium between you and your partner, allowing the Andromium to cool in the vacuum of space along the way.

The game is a split screen affair where you must keep swapping the explosive material between the two ships before it explodes, while simultaneously trying not to crash into anything. As games in a top-down shmup style go, this one looks to be totally unique.

Red Crest Studios intend to enter the game in to Dream.Build.Play, and hopefully it sees a release not too long after that!


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