Apple Jack’s Great Escape – First Details

Apple Jack from My Owl Software came from nowhere last May to instantly become my favourite Xbox LIVE Indie Game.

Now, there’s a new challenger with the revelation that there’s to be a sequel. After rescuing his dog from Snowdon, Apple Jack’s Great Escape sees, probably, Apple Jack escaping from something. A giant panda, perhaps.

Achievement Locked contacted the developer to find out what he hopes to be able to offer us in a sequel.

It’ll be a while before it’s released so a lot could change, but the levels will vary in size and shape a lot more this time, from side scrolling to vertical scrolling and everything in between. Pushable blocks (of all sizes) will also feature.

This is on top of all the AJ features from the first game, and lots of other stuff! And a proper plot!

A proper plot might just blow my mind. I was emotionally invested enough in finding my dog!

Mainly, though, look at the panda!


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