FortressCraft Dev Lays into Peers

ProjectorGames, the team behind FortressCraft has launched a scathing attack on its fellow developers in a video uploaded to YouTube, after the game failed peer review.

The peer review process is where developers of other games can pass or fail your game, depending on whether or not there are issues with stability or content. FortressCraft was failed for having a number of instances of crashing, which were simple to reproduce.

DJ Keemstar, who is listed as dealing with “PR” on the FortressCraft website posted a video to YouTube, which has since been removed, labelled as “really bad news.”

In it, he referred to the people that failed the game as “clearly Minecraft fanboys or straight up haters of our project.”

FortressCraft has been controversial since its initial announcement, with many claiming that the similarities to Minecraft go beyond offering a similar experience on console and are actually ripping the game off, though this been denied by the game’s developer.

In the video, DJ Keemstar went on to claim that “most likely,” the people that failed the game will lose their XNA access, and that Microsoft are going to review the game themselves to ensure that “this doesn’t happen again.”

Those claims were rubbished by other developers, as Microsoft simply doesn’t get involved in the development of Xbox LIVE Indie Games to that degree.

DJ Arcas, the developer of the game, took a less confrontational stance on his game’s official forum and doesn’t appear to have been aware of the PR disaster until it was much too late. On the forum, he listed the issues that had been raised with the game and stated that he was looking into each one.

“FAO Testers, beta tester [sic] and pirates: you absolutely suck for not spotting any of these,” he wrote.

FortressCraft will have to wait seven days before it can be resubmitted to peer review.


6 Responses to FortressCraft Dev Lays into Peers

  1. Harald says:

    The dev (projectorgames) just left a note in the peer review thread stating that this video is a fake:

    “Re: FortressCraft Chapter 1 Reply Quote

    Just in case you don’t read my responses on the twitter, I would like to make very clear that :

    Is NOTHING to do with me, whatsoever.

    I responded to the Peer Review fails either here, or in this thread on my forums: (6,000 views, good grief)

    I don’t have any issues with any of your fail criteria at all, my only confusion was the whole ‘water’ saga; as someone put it, “A code4 is a code4, suck it up and fix it” – which I did!

    I look forwards to your hopefully seeing all the crash bugs fixed, and as many of the noted ‘It would be better if….’ issues resolved as I can in the time!



    PS Who by the way is BRITISH, and from ENGLAND, and not a damned yankee like the guy in the video! :P”

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, the actual guy making the game seems innocent in this, but the guy listed as dealing with “PR” on the game’s website is the one who appears to have uploaded it.

      • Marc says:

        I guess they’ll be looking for a new PR person, if anyone’s looking for a job (well I doubt it really pays that much seeing how it’s for an indie game company but it’s a start) ;p

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