DJ Keemstar “Apologises” for FortressCraft Rant

After it failed peer review, DJ Keemstar, who deals with PR for upcoming Xbox LIVE Indie Game FortressCraft, ranted in a video on YouTube about peer reviewers and suggested that FortressCraft was failed by “Minecraft fanboys.

The developer of the game instantly apologised for the comments and tried to distance himself from them, forcing DJ Keemstar to remove the video, and to apologise himself.

That he has (sort of) done, a number of times, in another video posted to YouTube.

He’s certainly not shy about playing up his role in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games community in the five minute video, but any contribution he makes to getting games the publicity they deserve is a good one, even if it generates a few hundred sales and not the 20,000 he suggests.

UPDATE: After his grovelling apology in which he talked primarily about how much the indie devs owed him (with no evidence to back up his claims) DJ Keemstar has since been talking on twitter about how he has a “plan” for the dev of CraftWorld, a competing Minecraft clone.

He believes that it is the developer of this game who failed FortressCraft in peer review, which was failed by a number of people for a number of good reasons.

Sometimes, you just have to learn when to shut up. It seems we can consider the apology utterly hollow.


5 Responses to DJ Keemstar “Apologises” for FortressCraft Rant

  1. Kris says:

    This guy claims to have helped other XBLIG (including pushing them to 20,000 sales) but until this happened I never heard of him. I’m a bit dubious of any claims made when the person making them hides the details (ie he doesn’t mention any of these games he helped by name).

  2. Alexander says:

    Recent comment he left on his youtube attacking another person that didn’t agree with him:

    “went to your channel and saw whiteboy in the fav spot ! you fail HOMO lil by ist?”

    This person has zero business being a PR.

  3. Callum says:

    Craftworld sounds like its going to be pretty cool actually unlike fortresscraft thats a blatant minecraft clone
    Craftworld takes what minecraft started out as and turns it into a world thats more complex

    This is whats in chapter 1 sounds awesome go to for more info
    1.The World. Various blocks diggable and placeable
    2.Cities and towns filled with dwarfs, elves and humans
    3.Inventory and Belt. Access items picked up and crafted, dealing with how they stack and may be used
    4.Weight based inventory, with items taking up multiple spaces
    5.Magic, spells and potions along with magical items like bags of holding etc…
    6.Dual lighting models. Propogation working nicely with realtime shadows
    7.Crafting. eg. Use wood and Stone to create a pick
    8.Smelting system for making alloys for vehicles etc…
    9.Brewery system for making wines, beers and spirits
    10.Realtime 3D physics
    11.HD Graphics mode. refractive water, bloom, shadows, motion blur etc..
    12.SD Graphics mode, for low end PC’s, netbooks and portables but still with lighting and ambient occlusion
    13.RPG system “DECKS” in and working. XP based, and improves what you do without forcing you to use weak skills to improve them
    14.Convenient and easy to use tutorial system, that caters directly and quickly to what the player wants to know from within the game, without getting in the way
    15.Enemies and Fauna
    16.Basic furniture, such as a bed, door, window, bench, trapdoor
    17.Real Day/Night cycle
    18.Statistics accessible by player
    19.Craftable camera so you can take pictures and share them with friends and place them all around your world
    20.Paintings for you to place around your world.
    21.Basic Armour and Weapons
    22.Item degradation and repair Hammers
    23.Complex level generation
    24.Water with movement that affects the physics
    25.Smelter and Oven for cooking
    26.Player Avatar
    27.Farming basics
    28.Basic cities

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