Win a Copy of Astroman

It’s Friday (Friday), the day after Thursday, the day before Saturday, and as well as being fun fun fun fun, it’s also a day on which Achievement Locked is offering you a chance to win Astroman, thanks to StarQuail Games!

Have you read our coverage? We like it a lot and you should probably want to win this.

So, what inane hoop are we going to make you jump through for the chance of winning?

It’s simple! Just leave a comment below with an interesting fact about space, and we’ll pick a random winner after the closing time. (Links to interesting Wikipedia pages also count, if you’re struggling.)

The competition will close on 28th March at 2200BST, good grief, is it time for BST already?

Good luck, and in the meantime, why not check out the trial of Astroman? And if you don’t win, it’s available for just 240 Microsoft Points.


19 Responses to Win a Copy of Astroman

  1. Scott says:

    The closest black hole is 1,600 light years away, so we’ll probably never know in our lifetime if we can use them to warp to alternate dimensions 😦

  2. There are three golf balls sitting on the moon! True facts kids, true facts.

    Cheers guys!

  3. Kafel says:

    Did you know that the Sun makes up 99.86% of the Solar System’s mass ?

    Now you do. : )

  4. @SuperDiki says:

    32 == space (in ascii)
      == space in html

  5. Shane says:

    The moon is drifting away from Earth by 3.8cm a year.

  6. flypuck says:

    The Sun travels around the galaxy once every 200 million years.

  7. Jon Turdsley says:

    Fact: We are moving through space at the rate of 530km a second

    Our Galaxy – the Milky Way is spinning at a rate of 225 kilometers per second. In addition, the galaxy is travelling through space at the rate of 305 kilometers per second. This means that we are traveling at a total speed of 530 kilometers (330 miles) per second. That means that in one minute you are about 19 thousand kilometers away from where you were. Scientists do not all agree on the speed with which the Milky Way is travelling – estimates range from 130 – 1,000 km/s. It should be said that Einstein’s theory of relativity, the velocity of any object through space is not meaningful.

  8. Acidonia says:

    If any two pieces of unprotected metal touch in space, they become permanently stuck together.

  9. Shea says:

    The Planet Express Ship in Futurama doesn’t move through space, but space moves around it.

  10. ARXIN says:

    The density of Saturn is so low that if you were to put it in a giant glass of water it would float.

  11. Has says:

    Space is quite big. Fact.

  12. flo says:

    The most common element in space is hydrogen.

  13. Marc says:

    The planet Venus is covered with thick clouds of sulfuric acid.

    Which makes us wonder what worse problems the other planets had, if they decided to say women come from there..

    Mars (where men are from, duh), on the other hand, has lots of red dust covering the planet. Probably from the lack of women to vacuum the place. ;p

  14. ektoll says:

    Astronauts can’t burp in space!

  15. Mouth says:

    Everything moves through spacetime at the speed of light. The speed of movement through space offsets the speed of movement through time. Things which travel through space at the speed of light (670 million miles per hour) do not move through time. Light does not age.

  16. mcw says:

    I always liked this article about galaxies :

  17. Rob Hall says:

    The universe is beige 🙂

  18. Matt says:

    And Rob Hall, in at the last, is our winner! Congratulations!

    But in a way, I win, because I’ve been amazed by pretty much all these facts, awesome stuff! I just don’t get any games for it.

  19. Kafel says:

    It’s a fucking disgrace.

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