Are Lacrosse Fans Down-Rating Games?

There aren’t many ways to get exposure for your Xbox LIVE Indie Game, but one of the best is an appearance on the “Top Rated” list in the Games Marketplace.

Everybody with a GamerTag can rate anything on the Games Marketplace between one and five stars, and the highest rated (and therefore best) games will appear on that same list together.

A few days ago, Crosse Studio called for people to give their game, College Lacross 2011, a rating, to push it up the charts, and then gave an update on their position.

College Lacrosse 2011 is already the 4th top rated Indie Game! Help lax become #1 – Rate CL11 five stars!

The request was made on their Facebook page, which currently boasts more than 172,000 fans. Or likers, or whatever they’re called. There was also a video on how to rate the game, and a notice that, even if you hadn’t played the game, you could go and rate it by setting up a free account on

While slightly underhand, the request was an innocent enough request at getting their game more exposure.

A few days later, Zeboyd Games noticed a peculiar drop in the ranking of their game, Cthulhu Saves the World. From its position as the sixth top game, it has dropped to eleventh.

Two lacrosse games, College Lacrosse 2011 and Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010 have risen from the depths of the list to positions four and five.

The implication is that, as well as rating the lacrosse games up, fans of the sport have been rating the other top rated games down. While games like I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, which has nearly 53,000 individual ratings, won’t see the effect of a few one star votes, games like Cthulhu Saves the World which have far less are seeing a sharp drop in their overall rating.

If some fans have taken it upon themselves to rate some games badly, then this is an unfortunate side-effect of Crosse Studio’s request, and something they can’t have envisaged. Crosse Studio have been contacted for comment, we’ll update as soon as they get back to us.

At the moment, this seems to have only had an effect on the US Marketplace. Cthulhu Saves the World still sits proudly as the third highest rated game on the UK Marketplace, where lacrosse is basically unknown.

Zeboyd Games have left their own comments on their blog at Gamasutra.


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