Hypership Out of Control – Review

It’s not really any secret that I’m totally in love with Fun Infused’s Hypership Out of Control.

While the game looks like a vertical shmup (and indeed, you can shoot and that) it’s actually nothing like that at all. There are no enemies as such, and the only hazards are environmental. No, your task here is to survive rather than to kill, and it’s surviving that awards you the big money. Or “points” as you actually get.

There’s one problem with your task of survival. Your brakes are out. I know, sucks, right? Imagine how much it would suck if the accelerator was jammed as well. What? You mean. . . Oh no!

So as you travel through each wave, going faster and faster and faster, all you can really do is dodge, and that’s the aim of the game. The waves consist of various hazards: blocks that form corridors; asteroids; mines; bouncing balls and various other things – all designed to kill you. Once (if) you reach the end, they loop back to the start to enable even higher scores.

As you travel further and further, your points are increased based on how far you’ve gone. You also get points for collecting coins, and the coins count towards a multiplier that means you’ll get even more points for the distance you’ve travelled.

The coins are hilarious, in a way. Often you’ll happily follow a trail of coins as they lead you through a path of asteroids, only to see on the other side of the screen a power-up, or something that’s worth even more points. In your blind faith to the yellow coins though, you’ve missed your chance. You’re going too fast. There’s no way to get there in time. The developer is laughing at you and you’re laughing with him. Next time, that item is yours.

The power-ups you can get include items that make you invincible for one hit (this is essential,) items that speed you up, slow you down, or increase the power of your guns to allow you to blast through blocks at will. Amongst other things.

The point of all of this is to get your best scores on the in-game leaderboards which, if you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold member, are online. There are separate leaderboards for every mode.

Because there’s a few different ways to play. As well as the normal mode which gives you three lives and sets you off to get as far as you can, another mode gives you the same goal but with just one life in which to do it. Hardcore. Another mode gives you some coins, but they constantly tick down and you have to keep collecting more. If you run out, it’s game over. You have unlimited lives in this mode but dying will sacrifice some coins. Again, get as far as you can.

Oh, and every mode can be played backwards, or with up to four players in a crazily chaotic experience. I’m not really sure what more you could want.

Achievements, maybe? Want them? Well, while there are no actual achievements, there are a number of awardments on offer which track your progress through the game and work just the same as achievements do, though without adding to your GamerScore. Completing waves, collecting items and various other tasks will award you an. . . award. . . ment. . .

Hypership Out of Control is available now for 80 Microsoft Points, which is practically nothing for what you’re getting.


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