Mimi in the Sky – an Enjoyable Twin-Stick?!

みみ いんざ すかい, which Google helpfully (and, one assumes, wrongly) translates as In The Ear Do you mat has just been released, and in a shock twist, is a lot of fun. (UPDATE: a proper translation has appeared via the comments, thanks!)

To say that the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Service is flooded with twin-sticks is quite the understatement, and most of them are just terrible, terrible games.

みみ いんざ すかい doesn’t make the same mistakes that so many others do. It starts off almost as chaotic as the above screenshot is, and it stays really fast throughout. There’s also a pretty good mechanic whereby if you want to collect your point items (those things with the numbers on) you can stop shooting and they’re drawn to you. So you’ve got to get a decent balance between attack and going for points.

みみ いんざ すかい is available now for 80 Microsoft Points.


2 Responses to Mimi in the Sky – an Enjoyable Twin-Stick?!

  1. Schönbeck says:

    Thanks for the tip, I love these japanese shooters!

    In roman letters, the title is “Mimi in za sukai”, which means “Mimi in the Sky”. Mimi can mean, “ears”, but i guess it’s the name of the main character.

    • Matt says:

      That’s ace, thanks. Yeah, the name of the main character is Mimi, it’s mentioned in English in-game.

      Makes a lot more sense than Google did!

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