Coming Soon – Labyrinth

And not a sign of David Bowie.

Labyrinth, from Subtle Abberation, is the story of Amelia, who finds herself trapped in a labyrinth with no memory of how she got there but a knowledge that she has to travel deeper towards a huge black tower, which you can see at the end of the trailer below.

In addition to having really nice looking environments, the game also has a really interesting way of revealing its story to the player.

The story is slowly revealed throughout the game in the form of collectible journal pages and loading screen dialogue. Gameplay is a combination of exploring the depths of the Labyrinth, and solving the puzzles that you encounter throughout.

Achievement Locked contacted the developer to see what else we could find out about the gameplay, and what kind of puzzles the player might encounter.

In the first level, you reach a small forested area where a series of gates blocks your progress. On the cliff face by each gate is a large symbol. Simply find that matching symbol in the forest and walk over them in order to open the gates.

The second level is completely different, and requires simple exploration until you find a series of small bridges suspended over a small forest. A tall tree stands at the edge, and your goal is to knock it down and use it as a bridge to continue your journey through the Labyrinth.

You’ll face something new in each Labyrinth itself every level. Dangers like thorns, traps, and enemies will threaten your path, and creatures, waterways, and gates offer other puzzle options.

Labyrinth is finished, and is just going through a bit more testing before its release within the next few weeks.


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