Learn About the Solar System in Solar System 4D

Solar System 4D has been released, and is a strangely compelling piece of software.

The fourth dimension that it refers to in its title is time. You begin with a static view of the solar system which you can rotate, zoom in and out of, and move around in. Then you can press LB/RB to speed up or slow down time, at which point you can see how the planets rotate and orbit in relation to each other.

Is it a game? No, not really. Is it educational? Yes, actually. Even in the trial I learnt that Mercury’s orbit around the Sun is askew, and that Venus is much bigger and much closer to Earth than I had any idea about. (Close relative to space, obviously.) Maybe this is common knowledge and I’m horribly uneducated, but still! There are also a number of photographs and text descriptions of planets.

As I say, it’s strangely compelling setting the planets to orbit and watching them go about their business, and it’s an interesting way to learn about the Solar System. Or at least, an interesting starting point.

Solar System 4D is available now for 80 Microsoft Points.


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