milkstone Unveil Infinity Danger

milkstone have released gameplay footage of their next title, Infinity Danger, and it looks very interesting indeed.

At its core, it appears to be a standard twin-stick in boss rush mode. The more bosses you kill, the more time you get, and the more armour they come back with next time until they’re screen-filling megabosses. But there’s slightly more to it than that.

The game is based on an old Windows game called Warning Forever. In that game, the bosses evolution is based on how the player destroys it. So, if you take out a particularly dangerous part out first, the next time around the boss will have more defence for that part, for example.

It’s a great concept, and should make for a pretty unique twin-stick on a service that’s flooded with them. It’ll be available for 80 Microsoft Points upon release.


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