milkstone Detail Zombie Football Carnage Update

Last week saw the release of Zombie Football Carnage on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. That’s American Football to you and I.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious potential and the developer’s pedigree (Avatar Ninja, MotorHEAT, Wool) the game wasn’t a lot of fun. It didn’t tell you how to play and was so difficult that you only had about three seconds in-game to try and work it out. That wasn’t enough.

Today they’ve revealed what they plan to address in an update to the game, and it looks like all the above problems will be a thing of the past. They’re lowering the difficulty of the earlier part of the game, and also including a screen with basic controls. For the full list of changes, visit their site.

They hope to have the update finished next week, and it’ll have to spend a few days in peer review after that.

Zombie Football Carnage is out now for 80 Microsoft Points, but I’d recommend waiting until the update hits. If you didn’t like the trial when you played it, try again next week!


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