Toy Cars – Micro Machines for 2011?

Toy Cars is a new top down racer recently released onto Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Those of you with slightly more years under your belt will fondly remember the Micro Machines series back when it was at its peak on the MegaDrive*. Toy Cars takes the similar top-down racing theme, sets it around the house (and on a billiard table) and there are definite nostalgia pangs.

It plays fairly well, or at least well enough to be quite compulsive instantly. There are a few issues with collision detection and odd spins, but nothing that detriments the game much or stops it being enjoyable.

Unfortunately, what it lacks is any kind of atmosphere (there’s not even any music) and also, all the charm of Codemasters’ Micro Machines games.

Still, for 80 Microsoft Points, it’s worth a trial.

(*Yeah, okay, MMV3 on the PlayStation was probably the peak. Oh for an Xbox LIVE Arcade port!)


One Response to Toy Cars – Micro Machines for 2011?

  1. LastFewSeconds says:

    Nice to see someone else remembers micro machines, I used to rent that game a lot for Nintendo.
    Toy Cars is worth a look for sure.

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