Have a Sexytime with Avalis Dungeon

You know, if that’s your kind of thing.

Avalis Dungeon describes itself like this:

“Explore a deep and mysterious dungeon filled with dangerous and sexy creatures!”

Those sexy creatures are women (?) with large breasts and often, literally impossible clothes.

The game itself is basically a multiple-choice-em-up. You press buttons to advance and to choose attacks in fights. There’s no clue as to an enemy’s weakness and if you happen to choose the wrong option you’re sent back to the main menu. A peculiar idea for gameplay.

Sometimes I love this service for the games we’ll just never get to see otherwise. Other times. . .

Chapter 1 is available now for 240 Microsoft Points, and don’t let its “now loading” screen fool you. After sitting there for about a minute I pressed A, and yeah, it was loaded. I’m never getting that minute back, and I don’t know if the sexy creatures make up for it.


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