Review – FishCraft

I want to say that there’s a fine line between parodying something and ripping it off, but in all honestly the line isn’t really that fine.

FishCraft, formerly known as “Pissed! Fish” was released yesterday and is simply Angry Birds. With a fish skin. The game had sparked controversy from the moment it was announced due to its similarities with Rovio’s game, but we were willing to give it a shot to see if was more than it seemed to be.

Regrettably, it wasn’t. Since at this point there are only three people in the world that haven’t got Angry Birds, you’ll know how it plays. You shoot birds (in this case, fish) at a structure and aim to knock it down to kill all the pigs (in this case, cats) inside because they’ve stolen all your babies (in this case, babies) and eaten them. It made you mad. Angry, you could say.

Different birds (fish) have different abilities, some bounce off of structures, some blast right through, etc, and the abilities in FishCraft are direct copies of those in Angry Birds, even down to the colour-coding of the fish.

When you’ve finished you’re given a score that’s calculated in the exact same way that Angry Birds calculates its scores, given a star rating (up to three, like Angry Birds) and then sent back to a menu that’s designed in the same way as, well, you’re getting the idea.

As much as FrozenSoft euphemistally claim that the game is a parody of Angry Birds, there’s just no evidence here to suggest that, and everything points to an attempt to sell a poorer game based on the success of a better, more popular one, because there are very few alternatives at the moment on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

It doesn’t play brilliantly, either. Sometimes you’ll shoot your last fish and the level will take 30 seconds to finish, despite nothing happening. Sometimes you’ll fail a level because it was too quick to finish and you can see that you’ve killed all the cats but in its haste, the game failed you too soon. The whole game is very slow, and shooting fish doesn’t feel particularly satisfying as they float towards their target at no great haste at all. It makes the physics feel fairly unrealistic, as all that carnage is caused by an impact not much stronger than a light wind.

It’s also fairly unsatisfying as you kill cats, when they just disappear. There’s no real impact at all.

At this point it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have an iPhone, because Angry Birds is available on nearly everything that has a screen. You can even play it in a cake. There’s just no excuse to play an imitator.


2 Responses to Review – FishCraft

  1. Josh says:

    Matt, thanks for checking out FishCraft. Just a note that we’ve never claimed FishCraft to be a parody of Angry Birds. We wanted to bring this sort of gameplay/genre to those who can’t get it – specifically XBox and WP7 owners (still working on WP7). We wouldn’t argue that someone should choose FishCraft over similar games, yet why not buy them all! 🙂

    We will take your feedback and try to make proper adjustments in a future update.



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