Review – Antipole

Antipole from Saturnine Games is a gravity defying 2D platform game of the ilk that are so in fashion these days. Where it differs from games such as VVVVVV, though, is in the limited nature of its gravity flipping.

Outside of the gravity element, the game is a traditional 2D platformer. You can run, jump, shoot enemies and die on spikes. It controls very well and there are no issues with jumps not registering. The jumping has a very satisfying weight to it, as well. Of course, it’s the gravity gun that’s important. Pressing RT reverses the gravity allowing the player to run on the ceiling or float in mid-air. Using this depletes the gun’s charge and when it runs out, gravity will be returned to normal. Try not to be hovering above some spikes when this happens. As with the rest of the controls, the gravity gun on RT feels natural and is responsive. When you die, you can be sure it was your fault.

There’s a lot to do here for the completionist. Aside from the lengthy main campaign, there are challenges which can be unlocked by collecting green coins, three of which are in each non-boss level in the main game. The challenges offer small self-contained levels with strict time limits, and a gold medal is awarded for beating said limit. There are also medals to be earned in the normal levels, and once a level is cleared in the campaign it can then be replayed as much as you like.

In a way, Antipole is something we’ve seen before. When it’s good at what it does, though, why should that matter?

Antipole is out now for 240 Microsoft Points.


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