Wiwi’s Adventures 2, Available for 80 Microsoft Points

Wiwi’s Adventures 2 has had its price cut to 80 Microsoft Points from 240 – it’s also back on the Marketplace.

The game was originally released back in November last year but was quickly pulled from the Marketplace when it was noticed that some of the art assets were ripped from other games. A spike-ball that appeared in the game was a carbon copy of the spike-balls in the Megadrive’s Sonic and Knuckles.

I’m not sure if this price-cut marks the game’s return to the service or whether it stealthily returned long ago, but it’s certainly back.

Back when it was released I enjoyed it before it vanished. It’s a super-fast retro 2D platformer with lots of levels and collectables. Any game that gives you an extra life for collecting 100 somethings is alright in my book.

Presumably the content issues are sorted now, and for a new cheaper price it’s well worth checking out.


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