Buy Trivia or Die. Or. . . Die?

Fun Infused, those responsible for the excellent Hypership Out of Control have released their latest game, Trivia or Die.

The game is, well, obviously a trivia game. It’s also very good at what it does. It rattles through the questions at a decent speed so there’s no huge delays between them, something that’s a problem in lesser trivia games on the service.

It’s also got a great sense of humour, and isn’t afraid to call you an idiot if you get a question wrong. You were probably being an idiot.

But why? Why would you want to take part in a quiz show? Allow the game’s description to explain.

“For the last 1,000 years, the Earth’s greatest trivia champions have gathered at a secret location to battle not just for their lives but for the fate of humanity itself. Can you triumph and save the world or will your defeat lead to the untimely demise of all mankind?”

Trivia or Die is available for 80 Microsoft Points.


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