XNA 3.1 Closes, Peer Review Goes Crazy

Games that were made in XNA Studio 3.1 can no longer be submitted to peer review, which has led to a mad rush of developers trying to get their games ready before the deadline.

There are currently 78 games in peer review, which suggests that we’re going to be in for a very busy month of new releases!

XNA Studio 4.0 submission began on 8th November last year, and with it came a warning that games developed in XNA Studio 3.1 would only be accepted for a further 90 days, at which point all currently unreleased games would have to be updated to work with the XNA Studio 4.0 framework in order to be released. This applies to updates to existing games, also.

That 90 day deadline came to an end last night, and it looks like developers were using every available second to get their games ready before submission.

The peer review process involves other developers checking your game for a number of things relating to functionality, stability, and content. Only when it has satisfied a certain number of people will it be released for sale to the general public. Any game that fails at this stage must be fixed before being resubmitted. Any game that fails at this stage today will have to be updated using XNA Studio 4.0 before being resubmitted.

Tense times for developers.


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